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What other schools say

"The class is buzzing and they are all so excited about learning. We ran a treasure hunt yesterday and even the students that normally don’t participate got involved."
Kate, Teacher, London
"The kids are loving it. We are loving it. The children participate more in the class. They are much more polite towards me and their level are increasing significantly."
Abigail, Teacher, London
"It is much nicer to come to school now. The bullying has almost gone and we are all much nicer to each other and towards the teachers. We also help each other more now."
Alex, Student, London
"I am so happy we are learning how to focus, be kinder, and be more optimistic. I finally look forward to going to school as both the teachers and classmates are much nicer and happier."
Kate, Student, Kent
"The motivation among the teaching staff is much better. The students are also much more engaged in the lessons. It has made such a difference and I really enjoy coming to work now."
Beth, Teacher, London


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The programs improve

Level of progress
Academic results
The attainment gap
Resilience and effort
Levels of bullying
Dropout rates
Quality of teaching
Love of learning
Behaviour of students
Ofsted ratings

The Programs fit in to our 3 step model

Mindset & Neuroscience of high achievers1

Growth Mindset

Students and teachers will learn how to implement strategies that:

  • Speed up students level of progress
  • Get better academic results
  • Close the attainment gap
  • Improve the aspirations of disadvantaged students
  • Create resilient and motivated students
  • Improve their memory & learning
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School and learning environment2

The optimal learning environment based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology

Students and teachers will learn how to implement strategies that:

  • Help students progress more effectively
  • Improve exam results
  • Re-engage disengaged students
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Engaging lessons3

Game based learning – Science & Maths Curriculum.

Students and teachers will learn how to implement strategies that:

  • Motivate students to apply more effort
  • Engage students to participate more in their learning
  • Ignite their love of learning with an entire game-based curriculum
In development

The programs are created in collaboration with leading experts in education. Read more

The How

Your students and teachers learn by watching the online video program. A new video will be released almost every week and it will be followed up by exercises to facilitate the implementation
The programs last from 8 weeks to 3 months.
Your students and teachers can watch the program online anytime and from anywhere
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