Resilience skills to teach primary school pupils
Educators can play a large role in equipping young pupils with the ability to handle failure or challenges well, starting with teaching resilience skills.
Sir Ken Robinson – Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents
Sir Ken Robinson has spoken about the three principles on which “human life flourishes”, and highlighted ways in which the current education system fails all three.
What can be learned from Finland’s school system?
The Finnish school system is regularly found atop the PISA ratings each year, and has become the envy of educators around the world.
Finnish schools scrap subjects as part of education reform
Finland is taking radical steps to reform its already-enviable education system by ending teaching by “subject”, and introducing teaching by “topic.”
Ken Robinson – education system “killing” creativity
Renowned educator Sir Ken Robinson believes that a lack of creativity in the classroom is hindering students, both in their academic performance, and in their capacity to obtain success beyond formal education.
Examining the Osborn-Parnes model of Creative Problem Solving
Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a method developed over 50 years ago, and yet can still be applied to classrooms today.
Is there a place for teaching mindfulness in UK schools?
For many educators, making the classroom a quieter and calmer place would be ideal - so could mindfulness be the answer to this?
Benefits of teaching resilience skills in schools
A briefing entitled, “Local action on health inequalities: Building young people’s resilience in schools”, was released by Public Health England last September.