Standardized testing counterproductive to creativity, says educational expert
China’s educational system has resulted in a “test-obsessed culture”, according to one prominent academic, something that is hindering performance beyond school walls.
Finland’s zero dropout rate – what’s they key to success?
In some parts of the United States, 60% of students will drop out of high school. Could this be prevented?
Is character education headed to the UK?
According to shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt, there is "growing evidence that character can be taught" in UK schools.
British schools lacking in creativity, according to report
A report from the University of Warwick has shown that the arts and creativity are being “squeezed out” of British schools.
Understanding social and emotional learning
A new report has examined the importance of social and emotional learning in schools across the UK.
Growth Mindset profile – Steve Jobs
If you are looking for a growth mindset role model that can help motivate students, Steve Jobs is a perfect personality to choose.
The key to student motivation? Teachers, research reveals
In his book entitled “The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher”, educator Harry K. Wong outlines the one key to unlocking student potential: teachers.
Joseph Rowntree Foundation examines role between poverty and education gap
Research carried out by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has taken a closer look at the achievement gap in education, by examining the role poverty and background plays on educational outcomes.