Report shows academic streaming widens the education gap
A study conducted by the Institute of Education at the University of London has revealed that streaming children in accordance with academic ability widens the education gap.
Understanding key factors in the education gap
As a teacher, you may have already read numerous articles on education that discuss the gap between high-performing students, and low-performing students. Here we explore what contributes to this gap.
Growth mindset profile – Michael Jordan
Widely recognised to be the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan is a name we all associate with sporting success. But was he simply born great?
Upcoming Growth Mindset program
Pictures from the upcoming Growth Mindset program. These picture are from the Darwin video.
How JK Rowling harnessed a growth mindset to achieve global success
As one of the most celebrated children’s authors of all time, JK Rowling is a recognised and beloved writer around the world. But her success was far from an overnight affair. Rowling had to overcome much hardship and many setbacks before reaching global stardom, and is a prime example of a success story with a growth mindset.
How to overcome a fixed mindset – tips and techniques
As a teacher, you want to close the achievement gap, and improve the performance of all your students. Therefore when pupils see challenges and new material as obstacles to learning, you could be faced with difficulties.
Dealing with mistakes the growth mindset way
Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone reacts the same way when they do. For some, a mistake is a way of learning what not to do, and is a way to arrive at the right solution. This is called a growth mindset.
Developing a growth mindset in young pupils
When it comes to closing the achievement gap in our schools, a great deal starts with early childhood education.