Developing a growth mindset in young pupils
When it comes to closing the achievement gap in our schools, a great deal starts with early childhood education.
Five famous achievers with growth mindsets
Here are some of the most famous faces that were dubbed “failures” by standards of the time, and yet to us, are some of the most successful achievers in the world:
How to tell if a child has a fixed or growth mindset
Find out what mindsets your students have. Identifying their mindset is the first step to changing it.
Growth Mindset – the impact of challenges on learning
Over the years, science has revealed a great deal about the role a growth mindset plays when it comes to facing challenges.
Why does a Growth Mindset matter?
From an early age, children are exposed to countless new experiences –inside the classroom and out – on a daily basis. Those with a growth mindset have had greater success tackling challenges, and are unafraid of the idea of “failing” when doing so.
Growth mindset and early education – when’s the right time to start?
When it comes to helping young students get the best start in life, a great deal of pressure falls on early childhood education providers to set them on the right path.
What is Neuroplasticity?
Every day, we are surrounded with messaging about how important it is to take care of our bodies. But what about our brains?
How a Growth Mindset close the achievement gap
For many teachers, closing the achievement gap is one of the key areas of focus in the classroom.