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What other schools say

"Betsy was so shy previously and would not play much with other kids. She was not happy and it was showing in her grades. I decided to try the confidence and resilience program online. Betsy loved and within 4 weeks she was more outgoing and have made some new friends. So little money for such a big result."
Betsy's Mum, Mum, California
"James was a very normal child, but he was quite anxious and worried. He did not think he was good enough and would hide away from any challenge. I decided to give this program a try as it was so little money. I was really surprised how well it worked. After watching the first 2 videos James started to change his attitude and he joined a football team and he started putting in more effort to his homework."
James's Mum, Mum, Australia
"Katie was very timid when it came to trying new things. After watching this program she is like a new person. She keep asking me to try new things and it is already paying off with more friends and better results in school."
Katie's Mum, Mum, San Diego
"John had a hard time last year in school so I decided to try this since it was a small investment and sounded great. I was happy to find that John is now more confident and he does not give up like he used to. I have not watch all the videos myself but it must be working."
John's Mum, Mum, London
"Wow, I love how the program is based on story-telling. Oscar wanted more and more. I have never seen Oscar that engaged in any educational content. "
Oscar's Mum, Mum, London


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Growth Mindset benefits


Growth Mindset improve childrens resillience

Your child will learn how to view challenges as an opportunity. This in turn will get rid of the fear of failure. Your child be more willing to make an effort. Your child will also learn that it is essential to keep trying and put in effort to succeed.

Resilience is also a key aspect in long term success and mental health. If your child can learn to stick with things and not give up he/she is more likely to succeed.

The Program is about helping children succeed both academically and personally.


Growth Mindset improves confidence

As your child learns how to overcome challenges he/she will also build a confidence that is not dependent on external but internal validation.

Your child will know he/she can overcome what they once found difficult or impossible.

Your child will learn to use setbacks as a learning tool. This will help him/her lose the fear of failure and push beyond their current capabilities.

This will cause your child to learn faster and better.

Academic results

Growth Mindset improves students’ progress, grades and academic results

A decade of research from world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck has shown that Growth Mindset is a key component in high achievement, success and motivation.

Multiple studies have shown that Growth Mindset students’ achieve better academic results, are more successful over time and have a higher motivation.

Your pupils will make substantial and sustained progress and improve their academic results by watching our 8 weeks video program, based on scientific research.

The science behind the Growth Mindset

The how

Your child will learn about resilience and how to use their brain better by watching the online video program.
The program can be watched anytime and from anywhere.
Each video is then followed up with exercises that will help your child understand, engage with and implement the Growth Mindset in their learning.
By watching it at home you get a chance to learn with your child and help support them in their development.

Program overview

To ensure maximum impact the program runs over 8 weeks

Einstein and the Brain
The brain and learning
Memory function
Evolution and learning
Resilience and learning
Effort and learning
Fear and learning
Growth Mindset in action
Number of licenses Price per license
1-2 £60
3-100 £50

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