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"Love the growth mindset and the way the program shows how even the best and brightest failed at one point in time. Great questions that also go along with the videos."
Lauren Vigilante, Teacher, New Jersey
"These skills are essential for any successful and high performing school that wants to see fantastic results. The research from leading universities has verified the importance of Growth Mindset."
Patty, PhD Social and emotional learning, Tampa University
"They definitely have the edge! Beautifully told stories, each one packed with a life affirming message! A thoroughly engaging and refreshing approach to education. Stunning!"
Matt, Teacher, London
"Excellent and engaging program. The students loved it and are so inspired!"
Jay Richards, Teacher, London
"Innovative, engaging and inspiring short films, this program makes for a powerful educational tool. Highly recommend."
James, Teacher, Kent


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Growth Mindset benefits

Level of progress

Growth Mindset improves students’ progress, grades and academic results

A decade of research from world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck has shown that Growth Mindset is a key component in high achievement, success and motivation.

Multiple studies have shown that Growth Mindset students’ achieve better academic results, are more successful over time and have a higher motivation.

Your pupils will make substantial and sustained progress and improve their academic results by watching our 8 weeks video program, based on scientific research.

Attainment gap

Growth Mindset has been show to close the attainment gap

Growth Mindset has been shown to close attainment gaps and raise the standards of disadvantaged students.

The program will rapidly increase the attainment and progress of your disadvantaged pupils.

The key issue is often motivation, self-belief and a negative attitude towards education. This is what the Growth Mindset addresses enabling students from disadvantaged backgrounds to build their motivation, resilience and belief in their ability.

By tracking the student performance before and after the program you can:

  • Easily produce a performance table that clearly demonstrates that the performance of disadvantaged pupils has increased.
  • Clarify in your yearly report how the program has increased the performance of disadvantaged pupils and how your pupil premium spending is impacting pupil achievement.
  • Improve Ofsted ratings in which inspectors focus on the attainment of pupil groups (in particular those who attract the pupil premium).

Ofsted rating

Growth Mindset naturally creates what Ofsted wants.

Students that:

    • Seek out more and bigger challenges.
    • Develop as independent and resilient learners
    • Receive feedback better and seek out new learning
    • Have higher motivation
    • Show more progress

Some of the critical factors of an outstanding Ofsted lesson include:

  • Excellent concentration and engagement
  • Tasks being challenging for the individual student
  • Resilience when tackling challenging activities
  • Students making exceptional progress

This is just the kind of pupils the Growth Mindset creates

This program is created in collaboration with leading educational and Growth Mindset experts. Meet the people involved here.

The science behind the Growth Mindset

The how

Your students will learn about the Growth Mindset and how to use their brain better by watching the 8 week online video program.
The program can be watched anytime and from anywhere.
Almost every week a new video is released teaching a new part of the Growth Mindset. Each video is then followed up with exercises that will help your students understand, engage with and implement the Growth Mindset in their learning.
By watching it outside school hours we save classroom time and ensure your teachers can focus on what they do best. Classroom discussions are recommended but not compulsory.

Program overview

To ensure maximum impact the program runs over 8 weeks

Einstein and the Brain
The brain and learning
Memory function
Evolution and learning
Resilience and learning
Effort and learning
Fear and learning
Growth Mindset in action


You need one license per student

Number of licenses Price per license
1-100 £20
101-500 £15
500-1000 £10

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