Vanessa Selbst Poker Strategy

Vanessa Selbst is exceptionally intriguing, profoundly keen and amazingly unstable poker player. She has three WSOP arm bands to her name, in excess of 10 million bucks in competition rewards, an enormous library of value technique recordings she made as a DeucesCracked mentor and due to that it’s difficult to reject that she can play a few mean cards.

Simultaneously, Vanessa is for the most part known by poker fans for her crazy victories. Easygoing poker lovers might have an off-base thought regarding her poker expertise on the grounds that Selbst took part in a few lamentable hands during broadcast competitions and money game occasions.

We should investigate a portion of those spots and attempt to sort out what makes Vanessa’s down so flighty and engaging to watch.
Persevering Animosity

In this specific hand against Scott Seiver, Vanessa chose to go for an aggressive feign that numerous different players couldn’t actually pull off. The lemon cbet with 3c3d on an Ad5c2c was genuinely standard. Vanessa had some nice value and she could expect a considerable measure of folds given the to some degree dry board surface. The turn gets truly fascinating. The standard way of thinking directs that ace matching the board and finishing the flush ought to – in principle – be a horrendous card to wager on for various reasons.

Most importantly, it’s currently more earnestly for Vanessa to address a Hatchet type hand, and second of all clubs are an undeniable piece of Scott’s reach regardless of whether Vanessa was hindering some number of those. Nonetheless, both the air conditioner turn and 6c waterway make this specific board surface the outright bad dream with regards to the overall hand strength of hands like straights, flushes, and excursions. While it very well may be contended that Vanessa was beating a lot of hands by the stream assuming there at any point was a board to transform a little flush bring into a feign that one positively qualifies.

It’s difficult to assess precisely how great (or terrible) this line was without find out about the table elements and player history yet the way that Vanessa has lines like this one in her stockpile is sufficient to continually keep her rivals speculating.
Preflop Wars

Another play that numerous different players wouldn’t have the option to go for particularly in a competition setting. Once more, it’s difficult to genuinely assess the nature of the play because of defective data, yet pushing each pair over a forceful preflop bluffer is nothing ridiculous and numerous players utilize this methodology on customary premise… however not really in that frame of mind of an EPT competition.

Vanessa’s response to MacPhee’s play was a long way from heavenly, all things considered, but at the same time it’s fairly understandable in view of setting and the way that she obviously didn’t expect that her rival was equipped for calling with a comparable holding.

Eccentric Insight

Starting with one forceful play then onto the next. This time around Vanessa demonstrated her affection for unconventional lines with this little pearl of a hand against Antonio Esfandiari. With Q9o obstructing tons and lots of various pair and draw mixes (QTs, QJ, 9d8d, 9d7d, 9dJd and so on and so on) this was a great spot for a forceful play particularly against somebody like Antonio who – with all due regard – isn’t exactly known for his astonishing legend calls.

While most players would’ve proceeded with their hostility on the turn by barreling on a card that gave them extra value Selbst chose to use her insight about the cut cheerful rival and go for a check/raise all things being equal.

After Antonio called, most players would just close down on the waterway, thus Vanessa normally went for an overbet bomb coming down on the rival to make him discharge the vast majority of his medium strength property.
You Live by The Sword…

That far thing is sure – Vanessa Selbst is a ultra forceful player. Her lines are so bold and strange that assessing their quality is extremely hard. That is the reason passing on that to Vanessa herself is likely best.

Selbst’s response to this specific hand against Prahlad Friedman plainly shows that while her plays have a ton of legitimacy to them and keeping in mind that they clearly functioned admirably for her throughout the long term she can’t help herself in certain circumstances and experiences difficulty restraining her own hostility.

Once more, her line and thinking aren’t completely ridiculous and keeping in mind that 6bets feigns are not something that we see consistently they can be reasonable given the satisfactory dynamic, data and history.
A Living Bad dream to Play Against
While a large portion of the hands introduced above can be viewed as victories they likewise paint a bogus and profoundly emotional image of Vanessa’s poker expertise. She clearly couldn’t keep steady over the poker world for such countless years in the event that her system wasn’t +EV over the long haul.

All of us are drawn in by limits and that is the reason the YouTube clasps of Vanessa’s victories acquired a major viewership while a great many very forceful winning hands slipped by everyone’s notice. This is a vital illustration for each poker player out there. Poker isn’t exactly about the handpicked showy plays, it’s tied in with remaining steady over the span of a whole profession.






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